Welcome to my blog!  I am a thirty-something foodie who loves to cook, eat and travel.  I am married with no kids; I live in New York and love it.  I originally hail from Dallas, Texas, so Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex traditions show up in my cooking often.  I’m an entrepreneur, and I live a life full of adventure and challenge.  I own a ton of cookbooks and cooking magazines, and I use them all.  I hope to accomplish several things with this blog: 1) to share recipes I love as I work through my cookbooks and magazines; 2) to blog my traveling adventures (mostly as they relate to food); and 3) to offer restaurant reviews of the places we dine at in New York and other cities.

I did not cook much as a child, and I was a horribly picky eater.  Meat, potatoes and sweets were pretty much all I wanted.  This actually carried on until my mid-twenties, which was when I got married.  At that point, I decided it all had to change, and that I had to be healthier and not eat so much take-out.  So I turned on the Food Network, bought a few cookbooks, discovered allrecipes.com, and just dove in.  To my surprise and delight, I discovered that with some practice, I actually could cook!  I also discovered how much I love everything about cooking – discovering new foods and ingredients, learning new techniques, savoring new and familiar tastes, and just the sheer sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from turning out a great meal.  My curiosity was piqued at that point, and it will never be completely sated.  I learn more about food every day and I hope that never ends.

I cook mostly from scratch, and with fresh ingredients.  I find that way of cooking much more rewarding, and I try to stay away from processed food to be healthier. I make a concerted effort to eat organic when possible, and to make sure my meat, poultry and seafood is raised responsibly and treated humanely.  I have many, many problems with Big Ag.

I got bit by the travel bug back in college when I went to Europe for the first time.  I suddenly wanted to see the whole world.  Fast forward a few years, when I met my husband.  He did not have a love of travel at all and wasn’t terribly interested in seeing other countries.  I married him anyway (haha!) and finally, after a few years of marriage, convinced him to take a two week trip to Europe.  He absolutely loved it.  You could say that the bug bit him as well.  Now we try to travel several times a year, and we have goals and dreams to see the whole world.  While traveling, we love to explore local cuisines and culinary traditions.

This blog combines my two greatest passions.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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