Malmo, Sweden

Last June Matt and I took a rather quick (less than a week) trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden. Of course, we had a wonderful time and took many, many pictures.

This was my first trip to anywhere in Scandinavia. I’ve concluded that it’s one of the happiest places on earth. The vibe is clean, serene, organized, and contented. People are friendly, and there is hardly any litter lying around. I found a distinct lack of hedonism and debauchery in the air. It wasn’t so much a “work hard, play hard” vibe, so much as a relaxed atmosphere of everything having its time and place. There’s a time for working and a time for resting. The people there seem so balanced and healthy. They even stroll rather than walk.

Malmo is a small town on the western border of Sweden. Copenhagen is a mere forty minute train ride away (whereas the train to Stockholm takes around 5 hours, to give you some scale). There isn’t much to do there. Only a handful of shops and restaurants, and only one museum that I found. There are two “city center” squares, which are both fairly small. However, the town is adorable, and I saw enough to completely fall in love with all things Sweden. We had a blast just strolling around and taking it all in. I can’t wait to spend a few days in Stockholm someday.

Without further adieu, here are some pictures we took!

This is the hotel where we stayed.

This is the train station.

This is part of the biggest of the two squares in the center of town.

Another shot of the square.

And more of the square.

Yes, still the square.

Last one, I promise!

I think this is one of the government buildings.

This is the second, smaller square in the city center. Lots of cute restaurants.

A great example of wonderful Swedish architecture.

I don’t know what these are or what they signify, but I rather liked them.


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