Blue Corn Fried Chicken with Ancho Honey Drizzle

I made these a couple of weeks ago.  They were my last hurrah to eating whatever I want.  I have made a serious commitment to eating better, exercising, and shedding a few pounds in 2012, so I won’t be seeing much in the way of fried foods.  This was a great “last supper” of sorts.  I found it in “Bobby Flay Cooks American”.  I loved the blue corn crunch, it lent a nutty, rich flavor to the chicken.  The Ancho Honey Drizzle was a wonderful touch – sweet and slightly spicy. All in all, a delicious guilty pleasure of a meal!

Canola oil, for frying
1 whole chicken, cut up into 8 pieces
3 cups buttermilk
2 cups all-purpose flour
Salt and pepper
4 eggs
2 tbs cold water
3 cups blue cornmeal
1 cup honey
2 tbs ancho chile powder

At least 4 hours before you start cooking dinner, put the chicken in a large baking dish or mixing bowl. Pour in the buttermilk and turn to coat. Cover and store in the fridge at least 4 hours and up to 8 hours.
To make the sauce: combine the honey and ancho chile powder. Set aside until it’s needed.
Cook the chicken: heat 1 inch of oil in a large, deep skillet on medium-high heat. You want to oil to be 350 F. Spread the flour out onto a plate. Whisk the eggs in a shallow bowl with the water. Spread the cornmeal in a large mixing bowl. Season the flour and cornmeal with salt and pepper.
Remove the chicken from the buttermilk, pat dry, and season with salt and pepper. Working in batches, dredge them in the flour, then the egg wash, then the cornmeal. Add chicken pieces to the hot oil and fry, turning once, until cooked through, about 12 minutes total. Drain on paper towels and repeat process with remaining chicken pieces. Transfer to a serving platter, drizzle with honey, and serve hot.


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