Restaurant Review: A Salt and Battery

Matt and I ate lunch here over the summer.  This place is pretty famous in New York.  It’s a British pub located in the heart of Chelsea.  It’s run by Brits and is lauded to be the real thing.  Their specialty is fish and chips.  The Fish and Chips episode of Bobby Flay’s show “Throwdown” was shot here.  Supposedly, these are the best fish and chips in all of New York.

If that is the case, then I’d hate to taste the worst.

I was really underwhelmed.  The chips were good; not amazing, but good.  But the fish was really disappointing.  It was overcooked, underseasoned, and the batter fell off the minute you cut into it.  Fish and chips is a simple, yet difficult dish to make.  I ate it a couple times in London (London!) and just shrugged at the experience.  I’ve had it be amazing only once, and that was in a British pub in Lucerne, Switzerland of all places.  It was delicious, and nothing has lived up since, including the fish and chips at A Salt and Battery.  The prices were incredibly reasonable and the location is great, but I doubt I’ll be back.  Oh well, you can’t win ’em all, right?


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