Playing Catch-Up…

Here are a few HEALTHY meals we’ve had over the past couple weeks that I didn’t get on the blog.  Enjoy!

First up we had Grilled Squid Salad with Chunky Guacamole Relish. This was really tasty! It came from Bobby Flay’s “Boy Meets Grill.” Very flavorful and healthy.

Also from “Boy Meets Grill” we have Red Snapper Grilled in Corn Husks with Jalapeno-Lime Butter. This was a little of a production to put together, but it was worth it. I used the corn to make this dish again. Just as delicious the second time around!

I also made Authentic Pad Thai recently. I found it in a recent Fine Cooking magazine. It was really good, although I did make a small error in judgment. The recipe called for dried shrimp, which I couldn’t find in my regular or ethnic grocery store, so I subbed in shrimp paste. It made the shrimp flavor a bit too strong. Next time I will just leave it out.

I made a delicious Grilled Chicken-Asparagus-Red Onion Salad two weeks ago. It came from Rachael Ray’s “365: No Repeats” and we absolutely loved it! It had a mustard vinaigrette, which I always love.

And last but not least, we have Grilled Chicken Wings. These were pretty good, although definitely not the best wings I’ve ever had. I used a yummy spice rub I found in Steven Raichlen’s “Sauces, Rubs and Marinades.” Its main ingredient was celery salt, it had a very strong flavor. We glazed it with barbecue sauce left over from the Cherry Coke Barbecue Ribs, which somewhat clashed with the spice rub, so the taste was slightly off. Still a pretty good dinner though!


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I love to cook and I love to travel! This blog explores my love of both. I share recipes and restaurant reviews, and I blog the trips I take.
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