Restaurant Review: The Big Texan!!

The Big Texan is a famous restaurant located in Amarillo, Texas, a smallish town up in the panhandle.  My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew Jack happen to live there, so they took us there once when we visited them.  This place is quite unique!  It’s a tourist spot, and it was even featured on a Travel Channel show, I think “Man vs. Food.”  (Megan, correct me if I’m wrong.)  The claim to fame in this restaurant is they have a huge 72 ounce steak with sides, and you’re supposed to eat it all in sixty minutes.  If you take on this challenge, you sit at a special table in the center of the restaurant with a clock counting down the time.  Sadly, no one was partaking of this challenge when we ate there, so we didn’t get to witness all the fanfare.  Here’s a picture of the table though.

This is a quintessential Texas restaurant, both in food and decor. It’s rustic all around, and has a cowboy theme. If you’re from out of town and passing through, stop in and you won’t be disappointed. It’s quite fun. I don’t remember what Matt ordered, but I had a chicken sandwich and it was very tasty. The real highlight was the appetizers though. Matt and I split an order of Rocky Mountain Oysters, which are a local specialty. If you don’t know what those are, I’ll let you Google it to find out. I’ll give you a hint though: they are not seafood. I thought they were really good, I would eat them again.

All in all, a fun lunch out! Thank you for taking us there, Megan and Trey! Next time y’all are there, you really should try the Oysters!! 🙂


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