Restaurant Review: MacBar

This is the final installment of Arbitrary Project Mac and Cheese.  Matt and I stumbled upon a restaurant in Manhattan (SoHo) called MacBar.  They only serve mac and cheese.  I’m not kidding.  I knew I had to try this place.

First of all, it’s the smallest restaurant I have ever seen in my entire life.  No exaggeration, no joke.  It is probably the size of my living room, including the kitchen, which is not that big.  It seats less than ten people, and the tables are so tiny that each individual gets their own.  It’s set up like a fast food restaurant in that there isn’t a wait staff and they do delivery, but the food couldn’t be farther from fast food.  The decor is hysterical.  The walls are painted yellow to mimic the yellow Cheddar in classic mac and cheese.  And the food is served in these plastic lunchbox things that are yellow and in the shape of a macaroni noodle.  Pretty cute.

And now on to the food!  The menu consists of only mac and cheese, and they have twelve different varieties of the dish.  There’s the classic of course.  Then there is Four Cheese and Carbonara.  They also have Stroganoff, Cheeseburger, Primavera, Margarita (after the Italian classic Pizza Margherita, not the Mexican cocktail), Lobster Mac, a Rueben mac, and one with mushrooms.  The two not yet mentioned are the ones Matt and I ordered.  I got the Mayan Chipotle Mac, which was wonderful.  It had Mexican spiced chicken and chipotle sauce with chihuahua cheese.  Matt had Mac Quack.  What is that, you ask?  It’s mac and cheese with duck confit.  Quack, get it?  Haha.  It was really, really tasty.  I would love to attempt to recreate it at home sometime.

Overall, we really enjoyed the experience, and hope to return soon to try the other dishes.  Definitely go here, but don’t take a big party, you won’t all fit!  If you’re interested, check them out at their website,


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