Restaurant Review: Cafetasia

Matt and I ate at this little Asian place called Cafetasia in the Village a few weeks ago.  We absolutely loved it!!  It specialized in Thai and Laotian cuisine.  It was delicious and extremely economical.

This was a place we happened to stumble upon.  We had been planning to eat dinner at ‘wichCraft, Chef Tom Colicchio’s sandwich shop, but found it closed when we arrived.  So we decided to keep walking and see what else we found.  By the way, it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit that night, so we were pretty grateful to find this place.

The restaurant is pretty small, and seating is family style.  The decor is very trendy and tasteful.  Service was very good.  Now on to the food!

We began the evening by trying something new: Laotian beer.  I highly recommend it, it was quite tasty.  Next we ordered an appetizer of shrimp spring rolls dipped in a pineapple glaze/sauce.  They were delicious.  We both ordered one of our staples for the entrée.  When we dine at Thai restaurants, I always order Pad Thai, and Matt always orders Duck Curry.  We considered getting off the beaten path, but in the end, just didn’t do it.  I got their Shrimp Pad Thai, and Matt ordered Duck Red Curry.  We were not disappointed.  The food was wonderful, and we immensely enjoyed it.  We really want to return to this place, and next time, we promised ourselves we would each order something different.  The menu is long and diverse, and all of it looked great.

The best part of the evening was getting the check.  That whole meal was $30!!!  That is unbelievable for New York City.  We did a double take when we saw the ticket.  I couldn’t believe it was that cheap for such an incredible meal.  I would have happily paid double for that quality of food and service.  All in all, I would definitely recommend checking this place out next time you’re in the Village.  It was a really fun date.


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