Top Chef March Madness Update: Bracket 1

“Top Chef: All Stars” began airing on December 1st, and we are three episodes into the season.  As such, Bracket 1 is now complete for Matt and me.  May I just say, I dodged a bullet!!! But more on that later.  You want to know the score thus far, right?  Well…

We are tied. The score is 6 to 6.

To refresh yourselves on our bracket picks and the rules of the game, see here.

The first episode ended with Matt: 3, me: 0, when Elia was eliminated. The score remained the same after episode 2, when Jennifer was sent home, a twist no one saw coming. Matt and I both had her staying until Bracket 5. Last night, episode 3, was a double elimination. We decided that the only fair way to play this was to allow the points from either Bracket 1 or Bracket 2 if any chef from either of those brackets was eliminated. It was fun and really upped the ante because there were 5 possible chefs that could go between those brackets for each of us.

Last night Stephen and Dale L. were sent packing their knives. Stephen was a Bracket 1 pick for both of us, and Dale L. was also a Bracket 1 pick for me, but Matt won zero points with that one. So last night, Matt added 3 points and I got 6 points for a tie thus far.

My bullet dodging – this was stressful! There were 4 chefs up for elimination. And one of them was Tiffani, my WINNER pick!!! If my winner had gone home, I would have been screwed. I’m so happy she didn’t go! Step up your game, Tiffani, and together we can beat my husband!! 🙂


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