Some Meals that Didn’t Get Blogged

There are a few meals I’ve made over the past couple of weeks that I never got around to blogging, or that were good but not quite good enough to warrant their own blog post.  So I figured I would do a “Week of Meals” post and fill in.

First up we have Cajun Pork Burgers. These came from Sandra Lee’s “Semi-Homemade Grilling.” I changed up the sauce a bit; she says to start with store-bought tartar sauce and add some ingredients to it. I made my own tartar sauce and then added her fresh ingredients, so the whole thing was homemade. These were pretty tasty! Pork burgers have a different flavor than the usual beef burgers, I definitely like them.

Next I made Paprika Chicken with Egg Noodles. This is from Rachael Ray’s newest offering, entitled “Look and Cook”. The book looks very tasty, but I think she should change the title to “An Ode to Pasta, Red Meat and Cheese.” Seriously, almost every recipe uses one, if not all, of those items! This will most definitely be an occasional use cookbook, due to health reasons. This was the first dish I made from the book, and it was pretty good!

I made a delicious soup last week: Minestra! It’s an Italian classic, and it’s so simple and delicious. It’s just escarole with cannellini beans and parmesan in chicken or vegetable broth. We really enjoyed it. I found this recipe in “Giada’s Family Dinners.”

This one sounds odd but it was really yummy: Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Cranberries. It came from Tyler Florence’s “Stirring the Pot.” I hated brussels sprouts as a kid, but I find that I like them now. Especially if they are cooked in pancetta drippings!! I made some simple chicken thighs as an accompaniment. Delicious and healthy meal, overall!

Salmon over Pea Puree with Lemon Broth.  This last meal I made a couple of weeks ago and never got around to blogging, but I really wanted to mention it because it has a funny story. As I’ve mentioned on this blog, Matt hates peas. So I try to find recipes and come up with recipes that hide the peas. He usually notices, but not always! I found this dish in “Giada’s Kitchens” and it’s a salmon fillet that is cooked stovetop then placed upon a pea puree and then you pour a lemon broth over the salmon. I thought it was pretty good! But Matt knew about the peas, so he opted to have his pea puree on the side. But he promised to try it.

This is what the dish is supposed to look like:

This is Matt’s dish:

And this is Matt’s dish after he finished dinner:



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