Top Chef March Madness

The new season of Bravo’s popular reality show, “Top Chef” begins tonight!  It’s season 8, and Matt and I have been avid fans since season 1.  This season will be extremely interesting, because all the contestants are from past seasons.  They all competed in a past season of the show, did well, but did not win.  It should be quite fun to watch!  Matt and I are both somewhat competitive people, and we both love to make bets.  So we have decided to turn season 8 into a contest of sorts.  We have both made lists of when we think each chef will be sent home, and we’re going to track ourselves throughout the season.  We have structured it like March Madness, with 5 brackets, plus the Finale.  We’ve assigned points to each bracket, and we have each predicted an overall winner.  We also have a tie-breaker, should one become necessary.  Here’s our lists!

Bracket 1: Stephen, Dale L., Fabio
Bracket 2: Elia, Antonia, Mike
Bracket 3: Dale T., Marcel, Carla
Bracket 4: Jamie, Casey, Tiffany
Bracket 5: Jennifer, Spike
Finale: Richard, Tre, Angelo
Winner: Tiffani

Bracket 1: Stephen, Elia, Spike
Bracket 2: Mike, Jamie, Fabio
Bracket 3: Casey, Antonia, Carla
Bracket 4: Dale L., Dale T., Angelo
Bracket 5: Jennifer, Tiffany
Finale: Marcel, Tre, Tiffani
Winner: Richard

It doesn’t matter which order they are eliminated within each bracket. The first bracket will be the first 3 chefs that get eliminated; That may take 3 episodes, or possibly fewer if they do a double elimination. And so on for each additional bracket. I’ll do a blog post update after each bracket is completed and let you know who is winning. Oh, and whoever wins gets to plan a date with absolutely no regard for the others’ preferences, and the loser cannot complain at all. 🙂

Stay tuned!!


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