A New Blog "Project"

Because I get bored easily, I have decided to embark on a little arbitrary project. I’m going to take a classic dish (e.g. macaroni and cheese, roast chicken, lasagna, etc.), and see how many recipes I have that “spin” that classic. I’ll make one a week in a certain category, then when I get sick of it, I’ll switch to another dish. I have absolutely no problem with a classic preparation of a dish, but I really love to put twists and spins on it too. So I think it will be kind of cool to see what kind of creative twists I can make and post here. And if it turns out not to be cool, then I’ll stop and spare you all. 🙂

I have my first project planned already. And it will be . . . CURRY! I haven’t yet met a curry I didn’t like, and I have recipes for curries from various countries (India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, to name a few). I think it will be fun to try a few of them out. My plan is to make curry for at least four weeks, then maybe keep making them for a few more weeks, or switch to something else, depending on my mood. We’ll see. I hope you all enjoy my completely arbitrary experiment!
The first curry dish will be sometime this week, and it’s a Thai Duck and Pineapple Curry!

About jwall915

I love to cook and I love to travel! This blog explores my love of both. I share recipes and restaurant reviews, and I blog the trips I take.
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