Restaurant Review: The Meatball Shop

Matt picked this restaurant for his birthday about a month ago. It’s called The Meatball Shop and it’s located in SoHo. The food was excellent and the prices were astoundingly low for NYC. I would definitely recommend this place.

We first heard of this on the Cooking Channel. We were both doing work with the tv on in the background and really perked up when we heard the words “meatball shop” and “new york” in the same sentence. Some show was doing a feature on various restaurants around the country and this was one of them. So we knew we had to try it, since it literally is a restaurant that makes only meatballs! This restaurant is tiny. It is literally about the size of our living room and kitchen combined. Also they don’t take reservations. So we got there around 8:30 on a Saturday night. It was extremely crowded. We put our names on the waitlist and were told to check back in 30 minutes. We did, and were told that we could either wait another 30 minutes, or ….. eat standing up. I’m not joking. The restaurant is so small that they have 2 tables that will not accommodate chairs. We were hungry, so we chose to eat standing up! I must admit, that was a first for me.
Now on to the menu. Like I mentioned, they only serve meatballs, but you can get them in a variety of different ways. They have beef, pork, a poultry, and a spicy one. So first you choose your meatball, then you choose the sauce. They have classic and spicy marinara, a porcini mushroom sauce, and a cream based one that I can remember. Then you choose how you want your meatballs: on a hoagie roll, with a side salad, on top of wilted greens, with pasta, or polenta. I got regular beef with classic marinara on polenta. Matt ordered the pork with porcini sauce on a hoagie roll with aged provolone. Both were extremely delicious. I do not believe that all meatballs are created equal. Meatballs can be akin to a religious experience, or they can be flavorless and dry. These were very, very good. They were quite moist and tender, the texture was really nice. The flavor was good too. The polenta was extremely well prepared, not the least bit dry. We did not order dessert, but if you are interested, they serve only ice cream sandwiches. They looked really tasty, we were just stuffed by that point.
I would definitely return to this place. They offer a take-out service, and I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I don’t live close enough to partake. I am still amazed by the reasonable prices. It is very hard in NY to get food that delicious at prices like those. So yes, I would go back. I might even eat standing up again! 🙂

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