Cave Tubing in Belize!!

I know it’s been awhile, but I am determined to blog our entire Belize trip. Cave tubing was one of the adventure excursions we took during our stay at the Caves Branch resort. It was quite an adventure, I must say! We rode a very old, rickety school bus that looked like it came from the 1970’s for about 10 miles, to the middle of a field, then we walked about a quarter of a mile to the actual river. We were given inner-tubes and a helmet with a forehead flashlight. We tubed down the river for a bit, until we were inside a cave. We then got out of the tubes and explored the cave mostly on foot. This consisted of climbing rocks that were easily two stories tall. They were also quite slippery and steep. We ate lunch in the cave and then trekked back out and rode the school bus back to the POOL! At that point in time, I thought I’d never been so sweaty and dirty and happy to see a pool before, ever. Of course, this was also before doing the Black Hole Drop!

It was a little difficult to get good pictures inside the cave. Our digital camera is not waterproof, so we had to be careful of that. Also, it is quite dark inside the caves, even with the flashlights, so some pictures didn’t come out well at all. I won’t post those on the blog. But we did get some really interesting ones! So without further adieu, please enjoy the pictures!

The rickety old school bus
This is where we stopped to start our hike to the river.

Ready to go!

More pics from the hike – so beautiful!!
Here is the mouth of the cave, and the river we tubed down. We climbed around inside that cave for the whole morning.
This picture was taken just as we had gotten inside the cave, looking outside.
Here are a few pictures taken inside the cave. We saw stalagmites and stalactites!

We also saw spiders, bats and tiny catfish inside the cave.

If I didn’t mention this before, we did have a professional, experienced guide taking us on this excursion. We did not just go running around in a cave by ourselves. Our guide was very knowledgeable about Mayan culture, which still exists in Belize, but has become quite modernized nowadays. People no longer believe in the 2012 theory and stuff like that. However, there are remnants of the ancient peoples lying around in the caves. Part of our tour was discovering and learning about that. Two things stuck with me the most, which I’ll share here. We saw several sites of old, broken Mayan pottery that has lasted all this time, so that’s what the first picture is. The second was incredibly interesting: the Mayan fertility god. When couples couldn’t get pregnant, they would go and pray to this fertility god in hopes of conceiving. The god looks like a pile of rocks in daylight. In order to really see it, our guide had us all turn off our forehead flashlights, then he set his in such a way to illuminate the rocks so they looked like a kinda scary face. It was really cool!

So that was our cave tubing experience! We were in Belize in the off-season, which is also the dry season. So the river had mostly dried up. If you go in the wet season, you can skip the school bus and actually tube back to the resort. But, you also have to deal with crowds and higher prices in the high season, which is why we chose to take our chances with the off season. Overall, a very fun and adventurous day!


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