Mayan Ruins in Belize

One of our adventure excursions from the Caves Branch lodge was a trip to San Ignacio, Belize to see two Mayan ruins sites. It was a really fun day! Our guide Pablo drove Matt and me, plus another couple from D.C., Chris and Grant. It was about a 2 hour drive to the city, then we explored Belize’s largest ruin site, Xunantunich (pronounced zoo-nan-too-nich). After that, we ate a delicious lunch at a local restaurant in San Ignacio, then we went on to explore Cahal Pech (pronounced cay-hall peck), a smaller but equally interesting Mayan ruins site. Then we headed back to the lodge, and of course jumped right into the pool!

The first picture is one we took at one of the sites, and isn’t terribly significant, but I wanted to post it because it’s a good map of the country itself, so you can see where we were on all parts of our trip. We were on one of the unmarked islands for the first part of our trip. Belize City is where we flew in and out of. The Caves Branch is about 20 or so miles south of Belmopan. And we saw the ruins in San Ignacio, which is almost all the way to Guatemala.

Here are some shots taken from Xunantunich.

This is the tiny car ferry you have to take across the river to get to the site.

Those hills are actually Guatemala!

That’s a termite nest!
This is the largest ruin at Zunantunich. We climbed to the very top of it. You can see us standing at the left, which gives an idea of how tall it is.

A couple of shots taken from the top of the ruin.

A random skull just sitting on the site!

In this picture we are sitting on top of the tallest ruin.

And now it’s on to Cahal Pech!
Here are some pictures from that site.

That’s it for the Mayan ruins! We had a very good, albeit hot, day exploring them. Stay tuned for three more Belize blogs: the Belize Zoo, cave tubing, and the Black Hole Drop!

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