Rose Sangria

This is one of the best sangrias I’ve ever tasted! It’s really simple to put together, too. We made it a few weeks ago, and for some reason, I forgot to blog about it, so I’ll do so now. It comes from the cookbook, “Semi-Homemade 2” by Sandra Lee of Food Network fame (and now she’s garnering attention around NY for being Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend, but that’s another story!). I don’t change her recipe a bit, and it’s delicious! Enjoy!!


2 cups Rose wine

2 cups Sprite

3/4 cup light rum

3/4 cup brandy

Ice cubes

Apple slices from one apple (no need to peel the apple)

Green and red grapes, halved (make sure you buy seedless grapes)

Lemon slices from one lemon

Lime slices from one lime


Combine wine, sprite, rum and brandy in a clear glass pitcher. Stir with a long wooden spoon. Add the fruit, and stir again. Fill glasses with ice, pour in sangria, making sure everyone gets some fruit too. Enjoy!! It’s sooooo good!

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