Another Belize Post: Wrap-up of Ambergris Caye!

This post will at last conclude the island, beachy portion of our vacation. All in all, we had such a terrific time on Ambergris Caye, it’s so beautiful and relaxing!

The first thing to blog about is riding a water bike. Along the beach in San Pedro, there are various shops and outfits where you can rent a number of water transportation modes: kayaks, windsurfing, sailboats, etc. We rented a kayak from one of them, only to find it was way too windy to kayak that day. Our little boat filled with water pretty quickly and became difficult to navigate, so we headed back. They offered us a water bike. A what? It’s basically this contraption that looks like a bike but floats on water, and it has handlebars for steering and you pedal it for movement. It seats two people. The wind affected us, and we found that after we’d pedalled in the water for a bit, we couldn’t get the bike back to the stretch of beach where we rented it. Instead, we had to pedal it back to a beach about 100 yards away and drag it across the sand to return it. We got some strange looks! It was fun though, I can’t say I’ve ever ridden anything like this before!

Our last night in San Pedro was spent at the Pier Lounge, a bar right on the beach that hosts the Chicken Drop Bingo every Wednesday night. What is the Chicken Drop Bingo, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. There is a large, fenced-in bingo type board with numbered squares, and a chicken is placed on the board. You buy tickets beforehand, are assigned a number, and if the chicken poops on your number, you win 100 Belize dollars. It was a riot! We only played one round and didn’t win. Still really fun though. Here are some pictures from it!

This is the front of the Pier Lounge, where it is held every week.
This is the bingo board where the chicken is placed!

An audience member is selected to remove the chicken from it’s cage. They are then given all manner of absurd and amusing instructions on just how to prepare the chicken for the game. In this above picture, you can see the young lady in hysterics over what she was told to do. She had to shake the chicken, then move him in circles, and lastly, blow on his butt!! This is to encourage dropping quickly.

Lastly, here is the chicken on the bingo gameboard. No, I did not take a picture of Square #38!!!
Here are some other kind of random pictures and things to share about Ambergris Caye.
The official beer of Belize, Belikin, is practically all they serve. I love this pic, it’s such a money shot!

Just in case you were wondering… Haha!! 🙂

Habaneros, or Scotch bonnet chiles, are everywhere in Belize. Belizeans eat them like they’re nothing. You know every casual eating establishment in America has ketchup on the table as a condiment? In Belize, every eatery has a bottle of Habanero sauce on the table for a condiment. I probably don’t need to tell you that we came back with a case of habanero hot sauce!!

This is an example of local homemade goods the locals sell to tourists. They have all these beautiful handmade purses, scarves, baskets, even rugs in very vibrant colors. You see booths like this all over the country.
Thatched roofs are everywhere on the island. It was cool to see one being made!
Here are some pictures of the beautiful trees and plants we saw. I really miss this place sometimes!!
Coconut palm trees are abundant on the island!

The driftwood that washes up on the beach. Kudos to all the resort workers who tirelessly shovel it away each day.

Beautiful foliage was everywhere!
That’s it for San Pedro and our stay at Ambergris Caye. Next up will be blogging our jungle experiences!!! Stay tuned… 🙂

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