Caye Caulker, Belize

On one of the days spent in San Pedro, Matt and I took a day trip to a neighboring island called Caye Caulker. It was a half hour water taxi ride away. We had such a blast here! This was most definitely one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. Belize is a very laid-back culture, and Caye Caulker is the epitome of that. Their motto is “Go Slow” and they certainly do. It is probably THE most relaxing place I’ve ever seen. It’s tough to really describe how laid-back it really is. Nothing can prepare an American for this pace of life. It’s not somewhere I could live full-time, but it’s a fantastic place to visit! The island was beautiful, and it has great beaches, better than the ones on its big sister island of Ambergris Caye. Enjoy the pictures!

This is the water taxi we took to get out there and back.

Here’s the slogan!

This picture really captures the essence of this island!

As does this one!! 🙂

The next four pictures are of the “streets” in Caye Caulker. Notice how they’re all sand! And that’s how the whole island is structured – no concrete anywhere! The roads are just packed sand, and that’s where the cars and golf carts drive. There are no stoplights, crosswalks, nothing!

I have to tell the story of the puppies now! On the “streets” of Caye Caulker, many locals set up a little shop under tents where they sell local trinkets, sewn handbags, homemade jewelry, etc. We were strolling along, and happened to notice 3 puppies laying in the sand under one of the tents. We stopped outside the tent to admire the puppies and of course started gushing about how cute they were, and one of them ran over to us and wanted to play! At that point the family who worked the tent came over and demonstrated for us, once again, just how friendly and hospitable the Belizeans are. We were properly introduced to the puppies (Prince, Princess and Maya), and told the story of their birth, along with a rundown of each puppy’s personality. Then we met the mama dog, Peaches. Poor Peaches. She may just be the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen. She sort of looks like a dalmation, but more like her mother was a dalmation who did acid while pregnant. Peaches was white with black spots, but the spots were all blurry, which made the white fur look gray. I didn’t have the heart to take a picture of her. She was very sweet though. And she must have mated with a black dog, because the puppies are mostly black, and very adorable! Prince and I think Maya are in the picture below.

We spent most of the afternoon at a little place called The Split. It’s located at one end of the island, and it consists of a great beach, a pier, and a casual eatery/bar that has picnic tables around, including a couple in the water! This part of the water is very calm and swimmable. Or there’s a beach area for just laying out and relaxing.

The Lazy Lizard Lounge and surrounding beach area.

I guess this is one of their lazy lizards? Haha! Another igauna…

This is a close-up of the little island you see in the pic above; you can swim to it and walk around. Those are mangroves!

And here is the aforementioned pier!

Lastly, I’ll leave off with some more pictures of Caye Caulker that simply capture its sheer beauty. It really is a paradise of sorts.


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