Restaurant Review: Dinosaur BBQ

Matt and I ate at Dinosaur BBQ last Sunday night, which would make our second time dining there. Dinosaur is a NY establishment; it originated in Syracuse, and then they put in a second location in Harlem. For those of you thinking, “There’s no such thing as NY barbecue, that’s a Southern/Midwest thing!”, you’re right! There is no such thing as NY barbecue. But NYC in particular has a smattering of BBQ joints, all of which showcase barbecue from various parts of the US where barbecue is a local fixture. Dinosaur features TX brisket, St Louis spareribs, and Carolina pulled pork. BBQ joints are gaining in popularity in NYC, mainly because 1) barbecue is delicious, and 2) since it’s not terribly difficult to execute, NY doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. They can cook and serve delicious regional barbecue from various places famous for it, do it well, and everyone can enjoy! Dinosaur doesn’t reinvent the wheel on the main dishes but it has some signatures of its own.

For an appetizer, the only thing to order is their Fried Green Tomatoes. They’re so good! For an entree, Matt went for a combination plate of a little of everything, and I had their bbq catfish on collard greens. It was really good. The catfish, though not a traditional bbq plate, was done in classic bbq style. It was marinated in buttermilk, then given a spice rub, then sauteed, then tossed in bbq sauce. I want to attempt to recreate it at home sometime soon. They have standard sides, like collard greens, baked beans with bacon, mac n cheese, fries, the works. It’s all really well done.

The atmosphere in this place is quite fun! It’s nice and casual, somewhat rustic, and generally looks like a typical bbq place. Service is great; the only thing is that there’s almost always a long wait. We waited an hour for a table. This is pretty typical, since the place has a local cult following. The prices are quite reasonable for the locale.

All in all, I highly recommend the place! We had a good time and a great meal. We will definitely be going back!!


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