Our Resort in San Pedro, Belize

I have to dedicate a post to our resort in San Pedro, the Royal Caribbean Resort (not associated with the cruise ship of the same name). It was a wonderful resort! Since taking this trip was a vacation for us, we spent much time relaxing at either the pool or the beach at this resort. We also got lots of pictures of it, so I thought it proper to blog about it.

The resort is located about 2 miles south of the main part of town, on the island of Ambergris Caye. It was the most comfortable place I think I’ve ever stayed on vacation. Instead of a hotel room, every couple gets their own little bungalow. It came with a little living room, a small kitchenette, a bedroom part, and the bathroom. It was quite spacious. The staff was incredible, the pool was clean, and the beach was very pretty. Here are some pics of the bungalows.

Here is the pier off our resort.
Here are some pics of the resort’s beach. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of the pool, despite spending tons of time there.

This is the view immediately upon stepping outside of our bungalow!

There are tons of reptiles in Belize, which is probably to be expected in the jungles, but we saw many, many reptiles even in the beach towns. Belize has iguanas like America has squirrels. We saw lots of small lizards and tiny hopping toads too. The toads only came out at night, so we didn’t get any pics of them, but we did get pictures of several different igaunas and geckos.

He lives under Bungalow #9

I think this one is regrowing his tail.

We found this one on the roof of a restaurant after finishing lunch.

This is the gecko that lives in our bungalow. For those of you feeling grossed out right now, remember that 1) a gecko can’t hurt you; 2) they eat mosquitos and other small bugs; and 3) considering they spend most of their time on the ceiling, it would’ve been nearly impossible to get rid of him.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures! More posts to come at a later date!!


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