BELIZE!!!!! A summary of our trip.

I’ve done “Cooking” and “Baking”, and I finally have a “Traveling” post now to complete the trifecta! I will be posting Belize in stages. It was a long and involved trip with lots to share and almost 1,000 photos taken, so it would be overwhelming for me to write and overwhelming for you to read if I posted the whole trip in one go. But this is a summary.

Belize. Was. Incredible.

Probably the best trip we’ve taken yet (not that any others have been bad, mind you). This was the first time to go anywhere in Central America for both of us. We started off in San Pedro, on the island of Ambergris Caye (pronounced “key”). We flew from New York to Miami, then changed planes and flew into Belize City International Airport, which has to be the smallest International airport I’ve ever seen. Belize City is on the mainland, and then we got on a prop plane that took us out to San Pedro. Our resort was a short cab ride south of the town, where we stayed for 5 nights. We really loved our resort, the location was terrific and the staff couldn’t have been nicer. We participated in many activities there, including snorkeling, kayaking, riding a water bike (long story, I’ll get to it later!), driving a golf cart, bike riding, and shopping. We also hung out at our resort’s beach and pool quite a bit.

The latter 5 days of our trip were spent on the mainland in the jungle. We stayed in a jungle lodge/resort that was outside the city of Belmopan, which is in central Belize. This was quite an adventure! The resort is an all-inclusive, so you eat your meals there (where else would you eat them, given that you’re in the middle of the jungle), and they have guides that take you on various excursions during the days. So each day we were there, we’d get up early, eat breakfast, then go on an excursion, be back by around 3 pm, change into swimsuits, and then lounge by their pool until dinner. Fun times!! Our excursions were going to the Belize Zoo, zip lining, cave tubing, seeing Mayan ruins, and The Black Hole Drop, to which I’ll dedicate a post. We really had a blast on all parts of the trip!

If you are adventurous and want to see a new culture, all the while having a spectacular time on a beach, I’d highly recommend that you visit Belize. The people are sooo friendly, the prices are good (compared to NY, anyway!), and we met so many great travelers too. So, shout out to Trevor from Edmonton, the Swedish couple with the adorable 2-year-old daughter whose names I could never pronounce, Josh and Meredith from DC, Ray and Susan from DE, Pete and Annalise from the Netherlands, Mick the British ex-pat, Grant and Chris from DC, Leyla and Cameron from HI, and the couple from London whose names I cannot remember.
More to come in later posts!!!

The Beach

The Jungle


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