Restaurant Review: Hill Country in NYC!

I have now eaten at Hill Country twice in one week – once with my dear friend Jeremiah, and then again a few days later when I took my husband Matt there. This place is really cool. It’s a BBQ joint, and more specifically a Texas BBQ place. So it specializes in BEEF!! Brisket, beef ribs, mmmm… They also have chicken and pork spareribs. The setting is very casual and comfortable, what you’d expect from a bbq joint. It’s fun!

The food is really delicious. They know how to do TX BBQ right. The side dishes are wonderful too. So far I’ve had their mac and cheese, which is outstanding, and their baked beans with burnt ends – also quite tasty. The drink selection is really fun, because they import some of their soft drinks from TX Hill Country. So they have DrPepper and they have Big Red!!! I had a bottle of Big Red and that’s the first time I’ve tasted that drink since I was a kid. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it’s basically bubble gum in soft drink form. A big hit with children, as you can imagine. They also have sweet tea and imported coca-cola from Mexico, which I will be trying next time I eat there. Their desserts are great too. Very casual, and you can get them to go if you’re stuffed full of BBQ by the end of the meal. Matt and I got two cupcakes – a Red Velvet (of course!) and a PB&J cupcake, which was quite interesting. The cake part was made with peanut butter, as was the frosting, and Reece’s pieces were garnished on top. But the great part was that there was jelly in the middle of the cupcake, so you got the whole flavor profile of a PB&J sandwich when you bit into the cupcake.

The prices are fair for NY. Higher priced than a BBQ joint in TX would be, but that’s to be expected. All in all, I’d recommend this place to all you New Yorkers who hail from TX and occasionally get homesick, and definitely those of you not from TX who want to know what TX BBQ is all about! And if you’re visiting NY from TX, you could try it too, but it won’t be anything new for you… 🙂


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